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MPD Group - Specialist in Airport Advisory and Management
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Airport Management & Operation

MPD offers extensive experience in all aspects of airport management and operation; its directors have board level experience at both regional and national airport organisations of all sizes.

Airport management and operation can range from specific advice on an individual element of an airport’s operation through comprehensive management contracts to the provision of a dedicated full time or interim management resource.

The principal activities offered include:-

  • A full asset management contracting role.
  • The provision of dedicated management resource on an interim or full time basis.
  • Specific advice on one or more of the ‘elements’ of airport operation and management.

MPD offers a full asset management contract resource, either for an existing airport or for a ‘start-up’ project.

Under a full management contract, MPD can assume responsibility for the management and operation of either a whole airport or for specific areas such as terminal management or airfield operation.

For simplicity of approach, we categorise the airport ‘business’ into five core subsidiary business areas, these being:-

  • Passengers
  • Freight
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
  • General Aviation (including executive aviation and FBO)
  • Property

Within each of these business areas, there are many individual areas of management and operation. These can be tailored to client requirements.

In addition to undertaking full management contracts, MPD also has the capability to offer short, medium or long term placement of specialist airport managers in a wide range of disciplines.

For more information on airport management resource placements, please contact us via the contact link on this site.

In addition to providing full service management contracts and the placement of individual management resource, MPD can offer advice on the many individual elements of airport management and operation, including:-

Airfield operations & compliance
Efficient airfield operations and compliance with CAA requirements are essential to the continuing operation of airports as failing to keep up to date with regulatory requirements can, at worst case, result in airport closure. MPD’s specialists have substantial experience in dealing with all aspects of airfield operations and compliance including airfield planning requirements, airfield licensing, liaison with regulatory authorities, fire and rescue provision, airfield inspection, de-lethalisation etc.

Airline liaison and negotiation
MPD directors have considerable experience in dealing with and negotiating with leading airlines. MPD also has a sound network of contacts within the airline industry allowing it to interface quickly with the key airline people who make decisions about routes and route networks. With its considerable experience in negotiations with both traditional and low cost airlines, MPD assists clients to gain the best commercial deals with airlines.
Tour Operator liaison and negotiation
MPD has a clear understanding of the holiday charter market allowing it to identify the key tour operators and holiday destinations most appropriate for specific airports.

Airfreight management and handling
Specialist skills are required to manage air cargo operations and freight handling. With experience of record breaking air freight businesses at Glasgow Prestwick and Maastricht Aachen airports, the MPD team offers advice on fast, efficient and cost effective airfreight services together with a detailed understanding of the world airfreight market.

General Aviation
General Aviation growth and development can make a considerable difference to an airport’s business performance. Whether it is managing or outsourcing GA, through traditional handling or an FBO, MPD can advise accordingly. In addition MPD has experts on world military traffic movements and handling.
Terminal management and planning
MPD has the expertise to advise on all keys aspects of terminal management; everything from the location of retail and catering outlets to optimised passenger flow management in order to avoid congestion and minimise queue times.

Passenger handling
Passenger handling, whether provided ‘in-house’ or as an outsourced service is a critical function that requires careful and exacting supervision. MPD offers precise advice and solutions that will allow airports to gain optimum and efficient handling facilities for the passengers and airlines in the most cost effective way.
Retail and Catering management and liaison
MPD can review options for determining whether retail and catering facilities should be kept ‘in-house’ or outsourced. In either format, MPD can advise on appropriate retail mix, quality, location, and financial management of these services.  Good concession management is critical in order to maintain and develop revenue from retail and catering facilities.

Car parking administration
As one of the biggest financial drivers at an airport, good administration and financial management of car parking is essential. MPD has wide experience of the key aspects of car parking such as pricing policy, outsourcing, car park security,  block parking, third party off site parking, planning and legal aspects related to car parking services.

Property management
Maximising property revenues is a critical issue for all airports. MPD has an experienced team who can ensure that all aspects of an airport’s property portfolio are optimised through appropriate airport related and airport associated property development (offices, hangars, MRO etc).
Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)
MPD directors have an impressive track record in helping to attract new MRO facilities to airports and thereafter maintaining good ongoing relationships with the operators. We have experience in dealing with a range of MRO providers including Air Livery, SAMCO, Ryanair, KLM Engineering and MAAS. MPD can provide advice to airports and interested agencies about both the development potential of MRO sites and potential operators.

Asset repair and maintenance  
Runways, aprons, taxiways, lighting, radar and navaids, fire tenders, de-icing equipment.........airports are highly expensive assets to operate and maintain. MPD offers expert advice on issues such as runway and pavement repair and maintenance, equipment and vehicle asset management and also “buy or lease” options.   

Airport security
MPD has a team of highly experienced experts in all aspects of airport security. Given the extraordinarily high profile and importance of this service, it is essential that airports receive the latest, most authoritative information and advice and a clear understanding of the stringent requirements of the regulatory authorities.

Safety Management Systems (SMS)
In this area which increasingly requires airports to allocate more and more time and resources, MPD can provide customised SMS solutions which will satisfy the demands of the regulatory authorities.  

Human resource planning
Most airports face issues in determining staffing requirements, particularly in relation to skills which should be provided ‘in-house’ or outsourced. Our HR specialists can provide advice and recommendations on the optimum numbers and type of staff required in various airport working environments.   
Ramp Handling and roster management

Ensuring that there is an efficient, well trained and focused ramp handling regime in place is essential for any successful airport. In addition, achieving this with the optimum number of staff, rostered effectively is an exceptionally difficult management result to achieve. MPD has the knowledge and experience to ensure that an airport is making the best and most efficient use of its staff and resources

Local air traffic control management
At many airports, some elements of ATC are provided directly by the airport itself. MPD has the knowledge and understanding of the staffing and technical demands of local ATC provision and can advise airports on whether this activity should be operated locally or contracted out and the implications of both.

Government liaison (National and Local)
Healthy and constructive relationships between airports and Government are essential, not least in the areas of planning, economic strategy and the environment. In these respects MPD has extensive and wide ranging experience providing logical and forward looking advice to airports in how to deal with government and public bodies at both national and local level.
Publicity and Public Relations
Good publicity and public relations make a considerable difference to the image of an airport. MPD can offer proven and inclusive PR techniques which can ‘position’ an airport accurately within its marketplace and optimise its image.

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